Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am an action person!

Can't believe I actually got in with one try this time.. I have been having a real mess trying to remember sign in names, user names, passwords... and so on and so forth. I tried to have some system but then someone is always saying I need to up date and change it.. or I lock myself out and have to change..

Anyways are you proud of me for attempting to keep up with this..
Good news last weekend I cleaned the garage. which wasn't as bad as I thought.. and I also fixed the garage door.. (that's why I had to clean it first so the guy could come and fix it). and I also fixed the fence. I am an action person for 2009..

Got to watch Tony Robbins this Am on Good Morning America. It was fun. Boy he can speak for even 4 minutes and I hear something worth holding on to. Today I heard.. Events can't determine how you feel... Ok

So at the shop.. We are working on several value classes for the summer..so make sure to be on the look out for that. Also just got in some really neat natural pendants, and beads from the Philippines, some fabulous new seed beads..bigger than normal.. up to size 2 with great new color accents, and some are even like mega charlottes. Those of you who have been waiting for 15/O silver charlottes can rest easy now.. they are in.
Remember there are just a few days left to save $15.00 on Joan Babcock class. We are super lucky to have her come and teach her famous amulet purse with micro macrame accent. It's never been taught before..
Make it a great day!

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