Sunday, April 6, 2014

5th Annual Beading Cruise!

We just returned from our 5th Annual Beading Cruise where we spent 7 days beading, eating, sight seeing, and having lots of fun! Last year the last night of the cruise I won 1200 on the poker machine, this time I hit a small progressive. Sweet! Kim Stathis was on board as our guest teacher. We did the fantastic Bit of Whimsy and Vintage Moon. Kim is a genius, and her classes were superb. I taught one class called Inherited Wealth, which was a fun and exciting class. We had 4 husbands, 13 headers this time, so it was a good sized group. Wedecided that our next trip should be to a villa somewhere where the men can cook for us all week while we bead. Hmmmm… sounds good to me. Anyways the weather was great, shopping great, and the company great… oh and the ship was beautiful.
Keep your eyes open for our next trip and hopefully you can join us!
Vintage Moon by Kim Stathis

Inherited Wealth by Beads Gone Wild