Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis the Season

Well we are in full swing with the Florida season. It is so great to see our friends from the North.
Hard to believe that it is only a few days from Thanksgiving with the New year right around the cornor. I am in Chicago right now. Erkki and I made a trip here after his Elon college audition. The city is so busy and holiday decorations all over. It is fun to walk past all the shop windows. We got to see Billy Elliot. It was great. Such a talented young actor. And we ate stuffed pizza at Giordano's. It was cold for 2 days, but today it was in the 60's. Lets see what the rest of the week brings. I will be back in time for Crystal Creations after Thanksgiving day sale... Then it will be time to get ready for the cruise. That should be fun. The 22 new dura coat delica's are in.. and you may want to check out our newest kits., Northern Lights, Carnival, and Twilight.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!