Sunday, March 29, 2009

I can't believe it's the end of March

Ugh.... Well I will try again... It only took me 20 minutes to remember my password Well, what has been going on... I forgot to go to Tuscon.. Really.. I was so proud of myself for being really prepared with badges, and hotel... and everything scheduled.. (except we forgot to put it in the datebook)
I keep thinking that it was getting close to the time to go and when I finally sat down to book my flight I realized that I was supposed to leave in 3 days..Well since we didn't write it in the datebook I was booked with classes and my son had 3 performances that I didn't want to miss.. So I didn't go. However I called all the guys I usually see and some new ones... told my story and of course they all sent me stuff... their best most interesting new stuff.... It's like Christmas every time I open a new box.. so be sure to stop in and see all the new lampwork, stone beads, metal findings (in 4 different metals, like copper, brass, bronze and black) Glass beads, new crystal colors, and tons of new clasps, pendants are on their way and of course we got all the new permanent finish seed beads. Lots and lots of new items!

We have added several new classes Golden Nepal, Vivian's slide, Champagne Bubbles, and Kumihimo Fibers. We have also put several kits up on the web site for all the out of town folks. Today we got an order from Thailand and Sweden.

I have been experimenting with the computer pattern program "Beater's Canvas", It is really amazing. You can take any photo and turn it into a pattern, (peyote, brick, loom, right angle weave, etc) and it will give you all of the bead colors..and step by step graphs. Even more fun is picking out small areas of the photo and getting a tile pattern..

I am getting ready to donate my hair.. probably within this week.. time to let it go..

Thank you for coming in, sharing with us and showing us the creative work you've been doing, and for allowing us to serve you. Have a great week! Glenda