Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not a good time if you are a hypochondriac

Although I like what the CDC says... If you are sick "STAY HOME" Even if it is to buy beads..Hey it's a great time to get familiar with our on line shopping cart. You can find it on the Beadsgonewild web site. Select the shop on line button... then go wild.

Since trying to record Erkki's commercial I have been watching the Marlins's baseball games. I Might become a fan! It's been fun. Not fun for them thought losing their last several games.

Here's something new I discovered.. Agave nectar. It is a sweetener from Cactus. I really like it. We have been using it on our oatmeal, and it is great on plain yogurt. I think it is a healthy alternative.. and I like it better that honey. You probably need to get it at the health food store.

We have taken the "Heavy Metal Band of Beads Class" and made it a 3 hour class and it is now $35.00. That is good news for many people new to metal work. You won't get so tired out and it is a little easier on your wallet.. Check it out. We selected the best 8 beads and so it is a great value and opportunity.

Just in.. Glass Crystal.. There are some really neat sizes, shapes, and colors. The best part is they are very very affordable. And while checking that out be sure to see all the new Klew Beads and Nancy Toby Glass beads, and new sterling silver and stone pendants.

Make it a great weekend

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