Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year New Year!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season. I was going to go to Chicago but it was too cold and snowy... so instead we spent the time just doing things around town and inventory. The computer system was supposed to make it easier.. I am not convinced of that yet. I believe in one of my last blogs I said my whole life was beads.. well I have since discovered that I am really a taxi driver in disguise. I drive my son to Guys and Dolls rehersal 3x's a week... It's really 2 guys and all the rest dolls.. Erkki is Sky Masterson. The performance is at the JCC on Feb. 5th, 6th, and 8th...they really need to spread the word so lets get some peoplefor the audience. I also recently spend the day at the South Florida fair with Erkki and his 2 friends who created the band NAFF.. and they won (tied) First place at the "battle of the bands" Pretty interesting since he just started playing the drums about 4 months ago.. The performance was great and there is a video of it on his facebook page. He has an interniship with the Palm Beach Opera, so we go there sometimes 2-3 times a week. And he was doing 3 performances for the district thespian competition. One "Dirt" was a large group musical that he was in and directed, it won a superior, and then he was in a pantomine and a small group musical, the pantomine won critics Choice (the best) so they will perform it at the State Competition. So we had rehersals for that a couple times a week.. Then we squeezed in voice lessons, dance lessons, and acting lessons, oh and a gala at the Maltz theater in Jupiter. I really have to say that we had a couple of very hairy weeks. During this time though I was able to get my new class "Golden Nepal" up and running.. and Liisa, my daughter came up with some very atsounding new classes and samples.. The latest "Broque Movement" is really beautiful. I am looking forward to a very fun and creative year and hope you are also. take care, glenda