Monday, November 3, 2008

A Blogging I will go.

In the class I was teaching the other day we were talking about the blogging... I promised that I would write at least every three days.. I was telling everyone that I don't get many comments on my posts.. they said they would if I would write more often.. hummmmm so lets see. We listed a secret sale on the last e-newsletter from beads gone wild. I decided to reward those people who have gone to the website and clicked the picture that says.. e newletter. sign up here, (or something like that).
We will do secret sale that only e-newsletter people know about. I was really thinking it was just going to be for the local customers who come into the store..
Well right after the e-newsletter went out we got about 15 orders for the secret sale and they were all from out of town.. And they couldn't find out how to buy it..
I was joking and said it really is a secret. Anyways.. we will be doing more of those secret sales. For the people who can come in or for the people who want to go to the shopping cart on line. then the on line shoppers will be able to use a special code to take advantage of the sale.. So the moral of this story is go to and sign up for the e-newsletter. Tomorrow is voting day.. make sure your go out and vote. If any of you vote and are out and about wear your I voted sticker in and we will give you a special gift...

I've learned that you can't have everything and do everything at the same time. Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, April 2003

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Holiday Season is upon us!

I have so many great new things to tell you! We have started a new area on the front page of the website for Quotes and Artist of the Week, where we can show off some of our students GREAT work! So if you have been in a class and would love to show off what you've done be sure to bring it in. It doesn't have to be what you made in the class, it can be any of the work you have been inspired to do. We have started our yearly "Count Down to the New Year Sale". Everyone looks forward to this Sale year after year. this is the time as we get ready for inventory we move out all the old to make room for next years new. Everyday we find and put new items on sale!
*** Be super sure that you check the sale table every time you come in.

Liisa and I collaborated on a new kit called with 3 pairs of "Snowflake Earrings" and it is on sale for a limited time...They are really very festive and make great gifts.

We have had so many new people coming in asking about what are the most important classes for them to take to get a grip on beading and we have always suggested, Basic, Tropical (for making drops and dangles, earrings etc) and pearl knotting. So we have made a special starter pack for new beaders. Sign up for the Basic and Tropical and get the Pearl Knotting Class FREE. With those three classes you really will be all set to go.

Some exciting news is that Liisa and I have been accepted to teach at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee next June. I am very excited about that. It has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time and we finally took the time to enter some designs. Be on the look out too for some of our new work to be featured in the "Step by Step Wire" magazine and "Bead Style" magazine.

Erkki was just in a staged reading at the Jupiter Maltz Theater. It was for the emerging artist series. I was really impressed with his singing. I never really heard him sing on stage before.. I just always heard the "in the car singing". More and more I see him developing his passion. In December he will be in a performance with the Doo Wop group. I believe it is a night of Doo Wop Holiday Music.

So we have been busy with lots of new ideas, new kits, new classes, rehearsals, and school work. Seems like Linkin and Lilly are the only ones who get to lounge around all day. So remember to bring in your work for us to see so we can get you in the gallery and make it a great week. Remember to go out and VOTE! Glenda