Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finally it’s Cruise time.

I’m so glad we started doing these Crystal Creations beading cruises, because it gives us the opportunity to out of the store and into the sunshine. This time we’re going on a 7-day beading vacation cruise through the Caribbean on the BRAND new ship The Reflection. It is a vacation but It seems like going out of town always takes alot of additional work.  We made a lot of kits because we offered so many projects this time for our 14 guests, and I of course had to clean off my desk so when I come back I can remember what I was doing. Oh…and cut my hair.

I donated 15 inches of hair to Locks of Love. It seems like yesterday I was donating it last time (when I gave 24 inches). Of course I also haven’t been in a salon chair since the early 90’s except for that cut.  I made an appointment, and asked for someone who would help me decide what to do since I was actually cutting if for the first time in a long time. When I got there he, the one suggested to me, was busy and I got maybe the new girl... who just said ok... what do you want?
I was so annoyed and said I want you to give me some ideas. She wouldn't or couldn't. So I just got it cut shoulder length. Funny thing is it now also looks very dark.  

So our 4th  annual cruise, 7-days in the Caribbean, is going to be great.  But we aren't stopping here. In July, we will take our most adventurous beading cruise yet—Alaska! It departs from Fairbanks and will end in Vancouver, 11 nights land and sea. We’re really happy to be able to offer these trips. We always have felt that spending time with other beaders is the best way to be creative, and on out beading trips your come to know your fellow students as friends. Beading, vacation, classes and kits!

We hope to see you in the store sometime this February, as our two new projects Jeweled Locket and Leone have their first classes—the 28th and 1st, respectively.

Bead Goddess—Glenda