Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not a good time if you are a hypochondriac

Although I like what the CDC says... If you are sick "STAY HOME" Even if it is to buy beads..Hey it's a great time to get familiar with our on line shopping cart. You can find it on the Beadsgonewild web site. Select the shop on line button... then go wild.

Since trying to record Erkki's commercial I have been watching the Marlins's baseball games. I Might become a fan! It's been fun. Not fun for them thought losing their last several games.

Here's something new I discovered.. Agave nectar. It is a sweetener from Cactus. I really like it. We have been using it on our oatmeal, and it is great on plain yogurt. I think it is a healthy alternative.. and I like it better that honey. You probably need to get it at the health food store.

We have taken the "Heavy Metal Band of Beads Class" and made it a 3 hour class and it is now $35.00. That is good news for many people new to metal work. You won't get so tired out and it is a little easier on your wallet.. Check it out. We selected the best 8 beads and so it is a great value and opportunity.

Just in.. Glass Crystal.. There are some really neat sizes, shapes, and colors. The best part is they are very very affordable. And while checking that out be sure to see all the new Klew Beads and Nancy Toby Glass beads, and new sterling silver and stone pendants.

Make it a great weekend

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Erkki went to the Dryfoos School of the Arts Prom last night. Of course he looked very sharp in his tux and Abby (his date) looked beautiful as well. The guest teacher and I went down to city place to wait for their limo and to watch all the other attendees. Lots of beautiful dresses. It was fun..Should get some photos up soon..

Many of you have asked for years to get Joan Babcock to come and teach her macrame and suede pouch...The one I often wear around. So guess what? She will be coming to West Palm Beach, Florida this fall to teach at Crystal Creations Bead Institute. Be sure to watch the web site for exact info on the upcoming class.

We got in the new "Alternative Metals" Copper, Antique Copper, Antique Brass and Black in chain, lobsters, tube clasps, headpins, jump rings, chandalier earring parts, bead caps, and more... Just what you have been waiting for...

Some of you asked how to leave a comment... just click on the word comment and then you can leave one..

Have a great week.. Glenda

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally Cut

A new look:
Well It finally happened.. I cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love... Erkki and I went on a Disney Cruise during spring break and I just couldn't imagine trying to wash my hair in a tiny ship shower.. as it turned out the Disney ship had pretty spacious showers. We had alot of fun and it was picture perfect weather, and since Liisa just cut my braid off I sat in the beauty shop chair on the ship and got it all trimmed up even.. It is now a little below my shoulders ready to grow again.

See Erkki in the new Marlins commercial. If any of you watch baseball... check out the Marlins games and see Erkki in one of their commercials. He is the "kid who was at a game with his dad... not having fun at first and then talking and having fun"
I had to break down and buy cable so we could watch it ourselves...Humm... got a hair cut and subscribed to cable...all in one month..

Linkin had a sore neck last Saturday, and was supposed to be on "crate rest". We were babysitting Liisa's dog, Sunny, and they all started running around,, Lilly nipped at Linkin.. So back we went to the emergency room for Linkin to get his 6th set of stitches/staples.. He loves the Holidays..Christmas Day, Easter, and late nights...and the emergency room loves us..I think I need to learn how to use that staple gun...

Crystal Creations:
We are getting lots of new classes ready for the summer.. this is the time to start thinking about your holiday gifts. Make jewelry, key chains, eye glass holders, bracelets, rings, beaded ornaments etc...You can make something for everyone on your list. How about taking some classes with your work friends!

If you love lampwork beads we are getting some new shipments in from Nancy Toby. The new metal findings, and chains that just arrived are really cool in Antique Brass, bronze, copper and black metal.. FUN!

Well I Hope everyone has a great weekend.. We have a guest teacher Shelly Nybakke
I am really looking forward to some beading fun! Take care