Monday, October 20, 2008

How did he do it?

I am talking about my greyhound Linkin. He was home for a bit today and he got into our hurricane supplies, grabbed himself a JAR of spaghetti sauce, carried it on top of my high rise bed, unscrewed the top and ate all the sauce leaving just a little tail tail sign on my comforter. I don't know about that dog.... I guess I am just really glad he didn't drob it off the bed and let it break on my tile floor..
I am really excited about the new kits, classes, and guest teachers that we have for the fall season. Liisa and I made some really fun winter jewelry, and of course all the xmas trees and angles are always a hit and fun to make. I think this year will be a great time for people to make their own meaningful, holiday gifts. It is a great time to take beading and wire class too because we brought back our summer class special, book any 2 classes and the second is 1/2 price. We did it because it was so popular and our northern customers wanted to be able to get in on it. Some of the most popular new classes are the resin class, the new brickstitch earring class, and my new earring class called "golden vines". Maggie Meister was just here teaching over this last weekend. It was a great, great time. She showed "napal chain" which was incorporated into her design and it really intrigued me.. I worked with it and work with it and finally came up with some marvelous earrings that we have decided to call Golden Vines.Thanks Maggie for the inspiration and for coming to teach at Crystal Creations Bead Institute. We have Dallas Lovett, Sherry Serafini, coming this year and early next year we have Cynthia Rutledge, NanC Meinhardt, and Janice Berkilbile. I also have several other new teachers in the works.. If you haven't taken a guest teacher before make this the year that you treat yourself.