Friday, February 7, 2014

Cynthia Rutledge

Recently at Crystal Creations Bead Institute we had 4 great days with Cynthia Rutledge.  I am always so amazed by her designs. One of the classes was Les Filles du Roi (pictured) and it is magnificent. I love the fact that she is using the "Silver silk" in the design. A new way to use something! When I introduced her, I remembered that she was one part of the group of the initial bead pioneers who have help create the beading that we do today. Cynthia, along with Diane Fitzgerald, David Chat, Joyce Scott, Carol Wixcox-Wells, Jeannette Cook,  Vickie Starr, Carol Perrenoud, Virginia Blakelock, NanC Meinhardt, Leslie Fraiser, Margo Fields, Humming Beads, Don Pierce  (just to name a few) were all taking us from peyote, right angle weave,  brick stitch, and netting to the complex fine jewelry quality that we enjoy today. I am so happy to still be learning from the pioneers.

Free Download. If you have had trouble with the odd count peyote, or are looking for a neater, simpler way to do it, check out this download created by Cynthia Rutledge on how to do odd count peyote using the step down, step up method. It's located on our site and is a free download. Go to It is really worth having.
Till we talk again. Happy Beading.. The bead goddess, Glenda