Saturday, November 12, 2011

Venetian Glass Bead Trunk Show

The Venetian Glass Bead Trunk show we are having at the shop is amazing.. I am so in awe over the new styles of bead that Nicole brought. Thanks to everyone who has come out. Sunday (tomorrow is the last day) I have been working on a double layered netting tonight, while watching Michael Jackson's "this is it". ..and had to take a brake. It is pretty intense. Two layers of netting interwoved between adn around each other. Happily I finally decided on a clasp for the Golden Nepal "a New vision" And now I am also working on some new earrings.. Wish I could post the photos.. but I usually write blogs when I am home and the photos are on the computer at work.. Tomorrow I will post them.
I am getting excited to take a few days off with Erkki. I am driving up to Tallahassee and then we will spend a few days in Destin. The end of the year will be here in no time now.. Well back to my earrings, netting and Michael.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yikees time does go by...

Looking at my office right now I keep wondering how I get further and further behind when I keep working longer and harder.. wondering if I shoud work less... and easier? I saw last time I wrote here was Bead and Button show.. Well I do believe that's when I started getting behind. Takes alot of work to get ready for shows.. Since then we've had Texas Beadfest, and a couple of local shows..
Now we are submitting for Bead fest Philly, and we got 4 classes going on in Bead and Button for next year... and we have planned a cruise and a trip to Italy and tomorrow is a great Venitian Glass bead trunk show... During this time I also got Erkki off to college.. He is having fun and enjoying his theatre program. So if you get a chance, check out the cruise, and Italy trip with Maggie Meister.
Come on down to the venetian glass bead trunk show... and check out our new classes and guest teacher classes...