Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gemstone Sale

If you been looking at some of the gemstones in the cases, now is the time to stop in and claim them. Its our spring sale and they are 35% off. Sale starts Friday and continues till march 31st 2010.
Just recently got back from a Tony Robbins event. Unleash the power within. Went with Liisa, her husband Jaani and Erkki. It was great! He delivers a great product.
3500 people were there and We all walked on Fire. Well hot burning coals...Now I can add that to my fire eating and breaking boards with my bare hands.
I have been cooking more and more food at home now because I am totally fed up with not being able to find healthy vegatarian food anywhere around here except, Field of Greens, and Whole Foods.. If anyone knows of any other vegatarian or raw food restraunts let me know please!
In Feb I went to Tucson.. Though we have put out some of the goodies that I bought there we still have more to process so be on the look out for that. Tucson was great, there was a great vegan restraunt there that I went to every night.

So till we meet again. Dream Imagine Create!

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