Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bali Trip, Gemstone Sale,

Went for my annual physical the other day and am very happy to report that Dr. said everything looks great. Cholesterol, even though it was low to begin with, went down.. and fasting sugar, liver functions, thyroid, and everything else on the profile was great. I even lost some weight..
All in all very happy. We talked about what shots I might need for my trip to Bali.
Did I tell you I am going to Bali? I am going for the Date with Destiny event with Tony Robbins. I decided this year I will do the Master program. Full force.

The gemstone sale is making lots of people very happy!. Still lots of beauties left so come on in. Going to visit 2 colleges during spring break. Both in NC. Erkki has been taking driving lessons, and studying acting with Michael Haney. Liisa's working on a great new design.. and Jaani still refuses to put his photo on his facebook page. Till we talk again.. gp

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