Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leaving tomorrow for Bali!

Got back from the North Carolina College tour trip with Erkki. Looked at North Carolina School of the Arts, and Elon. Tried to go see a few bead shops.. Managed to see 4, and the rest that I tried to see apparently went out of business. That is always so sad. The 4 I did visit were nice, though one of them said they were closing end of april.
We found a Whole foods that was really great. So we ate breakfast there every morning. As an added bonus there was a unique clothing store right next to it. I thought it looked like some style I would like. As I was shopping I realized... I can buy some new clothes for bali.. here. And I did!
The weather was totally perfect spring time weather, and we got to see performances at both schools. ANd on the last night there was a biker convention at the hotel were we ate so we got to listen to that all night..

So I have loaded my Ipod with lots of a new one. When we went into the Apple store it was crowded.. I really should have bought stock years ago when I was in Chicago and realized that this apple store was totally jumping...and they are still jumping. It was a great buying experience. A young guy.. helped me and then pulled out his I Phone. I thought great now he's gonna start texting or something. Well the I Phone actually turned out to be a scanner, then a credit card machine, and then I signed my name with my finger. Totally fun experience.

But then I went to the shoe store to find some sort of sandels to wear with my new linen pants, and there I got to listen to the 2 sales people talk about how big their butts are, and how her husbands' mother needs to get a life, and so on and so forth. They actually talked a lady out of a pair of shoes... and me too espically when she called me Hon. At the end of it all she told me I could go on line and rate my experience.. Oh I will....

So I have my books on tape, first aid supplies, sun screen, shots, shoes, map of LAX air port, passport, camera, plug adaptors, & a new outfit, and I am ready for my 37 hours of travel..

Stand by for some some photos.

till we talk again.. gp

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