Monday, May 31, 2010

New Classes

Ok so here it is 11:49 on Monday night. Of course I feel like it is Sunday because of Memorial Day. I know tomorrow is going to be a little tough. Shorted a day a work.. and yet at home I was given an extra day. Did some cleaning. I am almost finished with my Diane Fitzgerald Starfish too! I probably would have finished it but I had lost my instructions.. and then found another set but that didn't have any markings on it so it took me quite some time to figure what row i was on. The count down is on for Bead and Button. At this point I need to take anything else we need in our suitcases. I was hoping to see something at the REP theater there but it looks like nothing is going on at this time. That's too bad. One year Erkki and I saw "The Nerd" It was so funny I had makeup running down my face... and last year Liisa and I saw "Shampoo" Which was also Really funny. Actually now I am wondering if that was the real name of it. Well it was an audience participation murder mystery... had several endings.. 3 more days of school.. hard to believe that Erkki's junior year is over. Ill put some of the new classes up here, as well as my starfish as soon as it is done.. Have a great week. Glenda

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