Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beadwork Designer of the year 2014

Three issues of Beadwork magazine have been published now featuring the 2014 designer of the year projects I am so honored to be chosen as one of the designers.  The first issue featured  Dramatic Deco Necklace.  In this necklace you will combine circular flat peyote to create squares that house fancy Swarovski Crystal Elements.  Shop https// forBeadwork Designer of the year projects and beadwork kits.

The 2nd issue featured the very unusual Galactic Glamour Necklace, which uses tubular herringbone stitch. This necklace is super fun because you make shapes and connect them together to make necklaces, earring, bracelets, or any thing else you can dream up. While we don't have actual kits made for this we will be happy to get you a set of supplies. just call the shop or email.

And the third issue has the very delicate Himalaya Bracelet. We put together four really great color combo kits togetherr for this designer of the year project featuring Glenda Paunonen. Shop the Designer of the year kits at Select Beadwork Designer of the year kits. One thing to remember is that these Designer of the year kits, do not come with separate instructions. You need to have a copy of the Beadwork magazine for the instructions.

While you are on the web site check out my brand new kit, Tirette. I thought the name was French for zipper, but then one of my customers said it really means pull tag. Oh well I ame keeping the name Tirette. This is a very fun bracelet, that looks so sleek. Made with 8.o permanent finish seed beads, and 24 kt gold plated half tills. It used cubic right angle weave. I just love the look of it, as well as its bulk. 

I have a lot of kits and designs I am working on.. As well as trying to get out the door to go to Bead and Button Show. I will be teaching about 10 classes there. It should be an excellent time. Hope to see some of you in one of my classes. Thanks for your support, and till we talk again.. Happy Beading, the Bead Goddess, Glenda

Sunday, April 6, 2014

5th Annual Beading Cruise!

We just returned from our 5th Annual Beading Cruise where we spent 7 days beading, eating, sight seeing, and having lots of fun! Last year the last night of the cruise I won 1200 on the poker machine, this time I hit a small progressive. Sweet! Kim Stathis was on board as our guest teacher. We did the fantastic Bit of Whimsy and Vintage Moon. Kim is a genius, and her classes were superb. I taught one class called Inherited Wealth, which was a fun and exciting class. We had 4 husbands, 13 headers this time, so it was a good sized group. Wedecided that our next trip should be to a villa somewhere where the men can cook for us all week while we bead. Hmmmm… sounds good to me. Anyways the weather was great, shopping great, and the company great… oh and the ship was beautiful.
Keep your eyes open for our next trip and hopefully you can join us!
Vintage Moon by Kim Stathis

Inherited Wealth by Beads Gone Wild

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Kit- a mixed metals leather wrap!

Even though I don't always get alot of time to sit and bead, sometimes I am really on a mission because of something I really want to have and wear. That's the case of this new kit "shield of arms". It is a double wrapped leather and mixed metals (delicas and other metalic type beads) and you get to choose your own shield (button ) to adorn it with. Check it out at
Happy beading!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cynthia Rutledge

Recently at Crystal Creations Bead Institute we had 4 great days with Cynthia Rutledge.  I am always so amazed by her designs. One of the classes was Les Filles du Roi (pictured) and it is magnificent. I love the fact that she is using the "Silver silk" in the design. A new way to use something! When I introduced her, I remembered that she was one part of the group of the initial bead pioneers who have help create the beading that we do today. Cynthia, along with Diane Fitzgerald, David Chat, Joyce Scott, Carol Wixcox-Wells, Jeannette Cook,  Vickie Starr, Carol Perrenoud, Virginia Blakelock, NanC Meinhardt, Leslie Fraiser, Margo Fields, Humming Beads, Don Pierce  (just to name a few) were all taking us from peyote, right angle weave,  brick stitch, and netting to the complex fine jewelry quality that we enjoy today. I am so happy to still be learning from the pioneers.

Free Download. If you have had trouble with the odd count peyote, or are looking for a neater, simpler way to do it, check out this download created by Cynthia Rutledge on how to do odd count peyote using the step down, step up method. It's located on our site and is a free download. Go to It is really worth having.
Till we talk again. Happy Beading.. The bead goddess, Glenda

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 -

Happy 2014! This year is already charged with so much excitement and fresh ideas that I can hardly stand it.  The momentum has been gearing up since the latter part of 2013, and by January 1st, it hit the ground running. I personally don't ever remember a new year having so much energy and promise!
We have a lot of new and fun filled events planned already for the new year.  On Jan 18th, we will host our first ever "It's What's Trending" event that will celebrate the Chinese New Year.  We will have a beading day party with food, free instructions, sales on specialty beads, all with a Chinese New Years theme.
Hopefully you have had a chance to check out the new web site, and we are now working to make the on line store a better shopping experience for everyone.

We have a new store manager, a new web master, a new warehouse manager, and a great staff of sales people ready to make it happen this year one of our best!

We started a new program this year. It might be your time to shine! Check out the Beads Gone Wild Certified Designer Program. Here is a new class that was created by
Beads Gone Wild certified Designer Dana Witker. It is called Diamond Dust.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maggie Meister is coming to Crystal Creations Bead Institute

Maggie Meister, famous for her historic inspired designs, will be back at Crystal Creations Bead Institute for 3 great classes!  Maggie is fun and enormously talented and approaches her bead work with such passion. I am really looking forward to the classes. Check your calendar now and see if you can make one or more of the classes.

Sadly, The Dakota Trunk show is over. It was really great. We all  got some fantastic semi precious stones for current and future projects, as well as holiday gifts.  You can stop by the shop and see Pat's quartz necklace that she made. It's cool.

On a good note as we wrap up one trunk show, we are gearing up for the next which will be Sea Glass!   Stay tuned.

And finally if I don't see you before.. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! and Happy Hanukkah!

The Bead Goddess

Sarah Lariat by Maggie Meister

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kim Stathis - Piazza Bella Class

I enjoyed Kim's class so much yesterday!  I love taking our guest teacher classes to step into their mind and follow their process for a little while. This Piazza Bella bracelet was constructed very interestingly and I loved all the attention to detail. I worked mine in the peach/ pink color. I love the color! Today's class is Song of the South.. Another favorite.